Therapeutic shower Waters - Take care of your skin and hair

The shower for atopic skin that provides water without chlorine, relieving skin problems and hair loss, caused by the chlorine in the shower water.

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Why is chlorine removal important?

To avoid its harmful effects on our skin and hair:

  • Chlorine irritates the skin, eyes and respiratory system.
  • It damages the natural protection barrier of our skin, allowing it to be attacked more easily by external factors.
  • It generates roughness and accelerates the aging of the skin.
  • Dry the skin causing itching.
  • It degenerates the proteins of the hair, causing its fall and discoloration, and generating dandruff.

Chlorine (Cl) volatilizes easily during showering and mixes with bath air. When we breathe chlorine-laden air we are allowing it to negatively affect our respiratory system.

Our body absorbs 3 to 4 times more chlorine during the shower (through the skin and through breathing) than drinking tap water.

What ingredients does the SHOWER WATERS add to the water? Are they synthetic or natural?

We only add 100% natural ingredients to the water. The water penetrates through a small hole in the cartridge and comes out enriched with food grade Vitamin C, natural collagen and French lavender essential oil. The preservative used to keep the properties of the previous elements intact is known as NP3. It is a natural preservative used in cosmetics, so it does not affect in any way the quality of the shower water.

When will I begin to notice the effects of the WATERS shower?

Immediately. Both the lavender aroma and its moisturizing effect on the skin have immediate effects. After continued use you will notice improvements in the face of hair frizz and skin conditions. You will notice that your skin is more silky and hydrated, and that it will require a smaller amount of creams to hydrate and nourish it.

Why is water saved with the Hidrolux shower?

Its plate has holes in a conical shape. As the water passes through them, we are able to increase the outlet pressure, while reducing the amount of water that passes through them by up to half.

New Waters therapeutic shower:

  • Shower without chlorine
  • With collagen and Vitamin C
  • With French lavender essential oil
  • With massage effect and aromatherapy
  • Help save water
  • Reduces water lime

Discover the Water therapeutic shower in 2min!

The shower for atopic skin revitalizes, protects and rejuvenates the skin through the continuous supply of vitamin C and collagen to the shower water. During the shower, the pores of the skin dilate facilitating their absorption. Collagen reduces the depth of wrinkles. Your skin will be more hydrated and you will notice that you no longer need to use moisturizers after showering.


The cartridge provides a continuous supply of natural lavender essential oil. Lavender helps us to relax, to control stress and regulate metabolism. After the shower, the bathroom is impregnated with its pleasant aroma. Babies and young children relax thanks to its effects and it is much easier to get them to shower.


It provides the same pressure as a standard shower, but consuming up to half the water. In bathrooms where the water arrives with very little pressure, our therapeutic shower will provide you with more pressure water. In addition, thanks to its innovative plate with micro perforations, the experience of the shower is much more pleasant. Its touch is finer and silkier.


Its two powerful magnets act directly on the shower water. With its action, we manage to reduce the size of its molecules, obtaining a more hydrating water. The action of the magnets helps to reduce the lime that acts negatively on our skin and hair. Thus we obtain a softer water and with greater cleaning power. In addition, their magnets reduce the growth of bacteria in our bathroom. Its filter pad removes much of the impurities and sediments from the water.

What maintenance do you require?

Fundamentally the replacement of the cartridge every 10,000 liters (3-4 months). It is recommended to disassemble the filter pad periodically and clean it with water, especially when you notice a reduction in the amount or pressure of the shower water. In case of excessive wear, it will be better to replace it with a new one.

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Therapeutic shower Waters - Take care of your skin and hair

Therapeutic shower Waters - Take care of your skin and hair

The shower for atopic skin that provides water without chlorine, relieving skin problems and hair loss, caused by the chlorine in the shower water.

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