The importance to your health

To contextualize its importance is proper to say that since the early twentieth century scientists like Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology (1931) for his work on the process of cellular respiration "The oxygen-transferring ferment of respiration" he stated that when there is acidity or acidosis, there is a low cellular oxygenation and when there is low oxygen, there is acidity. This research later served him to apply his theory on the origin of cancer.

In 1937, Albert Szent-Györgyi, Nobel prize for discovering vitamin C said his famous phrase:

"The body is alkaline by design, but acidic by function”,

which means that, on one hand, the body should be slightly alkaline to function properly and for that it will need alkaline fuel which will get it from food, water and oxygen from the air breathed. On the other hand, all body cells are constantly removing large amounts of toxic waste or acidic metabolites via urine, feces, breath and sweat.

So far everything is perfectly normal and as many have pointed out, one should not be worried about it because the body would regulate itself naturally. In one sense this is correct. But the problem is that today, as a result of our stressed and unnatural lifestyle, with processed foods, poorly balanced, acidified and full of additives, besides little exercise and poor contact with nature, tilts the balance in favor of the acid side with all that entails. An overly acidic terrain with little oxygen can lead to suffer from any illness, disease and/or discomfort both physical and emotional.

In October 2009, a study conducted by the prestigious University of Cambridge, called "Diet-induced acidosis: Is it real and clinically relevant?"  published in the highly respected British Journal of Nutrition the following statement:

"The available research demonstrates convincingly that the diet-induced acidosis is a real phenomenon, and that it has a long-term clinical pathophysiological effect significant, which should be recognized and potentially counterbalanced by dietary means".

It is important to mention that there are countless serious scientific studies carried out in prestigious universities, such as this one we have mentioned, which show the direct link between food and health, as well as the necessary balance between pH and health.

In any case, it is important to say that an alkaline diet is more than a diet, it is really a lifestyle which includes not only adequate food to maintain pH balance, but also the balance of emotions and proper stress management, exercise, adequate rest, etc.

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