Mission, vision and values


The synthesized version of our global mission can be summarized as follows:

                    We improve the lives and health of people

The full version covers our intention to build Alkaline Care from a different management model:

         From a more responsible and honest management model, we support an alkaline lifestyle to restore and maintain health.

For this reason our internal mission is summarized as follows:

        We believe that Alkaline Care team is the most important for us, this is why our internal mission is that our employees feel  proud to belong to Alkaline Care, generating a strong commitment and a bond of loyalty and identification with our global mission.

We insist upon three fundamental aspects: first, the sense of belonging through promoting cohesion and building a motivated and coordinated team; the second, active participation in the development of a different and pioneering project; and third, building a dynamic, familiar and stimulating corporate culture.


When we consider where we want to go and how we see ourselves in the future, we envision the following:

    Being the leading company worldwide in promoting alkaline life style as well as a reference point for professionals and consumers.


The values that define our way of acting in accordance with our mission can be summarized as:

  • Commitment: involved in carrying out our mission.
  • Proactivity: We are focused on constant innovation to offer society the highest quality and efficiency of our products and services.
  • Service: attention, loyalty, trust and aware of our environment.
  • Professionalism: we are committed to excellence. We like things well done.
  • Transparency: we communicate with sincerity and consistency.
  • Integrity: we act according to all the values ??of the company.