How to balance your weight using the 4 pillars of alkalinity?

Alkalinity is the key to weight balance. In order to get a proper weight, make sure you follow the tips related to the 4 pillars of alkalinity.


One of the consequences of a lack of hydration is that the metabolism slows down. When this happens, it is difficult to burn excess fat. Alongside this is the fact that the brain makes little distinction between hunger and thirst, causing us to eat more than necessary.

Alkaline and ionized water helps remove toxins in the fatty tissue. When we remove toxins, the excess fat disappears.

You can get alkaline quality water with the Alkanatur pitcher or with PuripHy alkalizing drops.


If our diet and lifestyle generate excess of acidity, the cleansing function is difficult, and when this happens, the body stores toxins in fat tissue as protection, to isolate them until we are ready to eliminate them.

Chlorophyll oxygenates the cells, revitalizes the whole system and helps detoxify the body in a smooth and progressive way. It is also advisable to include super foods like Alkaline Greens 16.


When we lose weight, our level of acidification increases, as toxins that were previously stored in fat tissue, pass through the blood circulating free and this leads, in most cases, to some detoxification symptoms such as headache, dizziness and fatigue, diarrhea or constipation. When we are remineralized properly, and our body is alkaline, we avoid this kind of symptoms and will further promote a more natural and healthy weight loss.

We recommend PHOUR Salts, a nutritional supplement of 4 natural origin carbonated salts that help us increase our energy level and feel invigorated.


There are several ways and means to purify the body. One is alkaline water, that help us detoxify and oxygenate the cells.

Alkaline, ionized and mineral-rich water acts as if it was a "soap" helping clean the tissues and organs, removing acids and toxins, and thereby promoting weight loss.

Liquid Chlorophyll is also a great ally for detoxification of organs and blood, as it helps to purge in a soft and a natural way carrying plenty of oxygen.

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