Boost your energy:

How to boost your energy by applying the 4 pillars of alkalinity?

Alkalinity can help boost your energy and feel revitalized in an easy and simple way. All you need is to follow the advices related to the 4 pillars explained below:


Dehydration (3%) has a direct impact on our metabolism, making our energy slide. If we are not properly hydrated we can feel fatigue and lack of energy. It is advisable to drink at least 1 liter of alkaline and ionized water per 30kg of body weight.

There are several systems to alkalize the water, like PuripHy drops or the Alkanatur Drops pitcher (to learn more about the hydration pillar, here )


When we are more alkaline we have more energy because we are more oxygenated. Therefore, been properly nourished is essential to ensure we have sufficient energy to develop our full physical and mental potential.

We recommend to increase the consumption of vegetables and leafy green vegetables, legumes, alkalizing whole grains and nuts and seeds, as well as reduce or limit the intake of meat, foods of animal origin and processed foods.

We recommend supplementing the diet with Alkaline Greens 16, a unique formulated combination of super alkalizing  food and liquid chlorophyll, which in addition to nourish, provides the body and cells with oxygen, the essential element to gain energy. It also has a chelating action that promotes cleansing of the body and helps us feel revitalized. (To learn more about the Nutrition pillar,ttp: // "target =" _ blank ">here )


Suitable minerals are essential for the body. On one hand help us preserve our alkaline design and on the other, they are fundamental to carry out nerve impulses, neural impulses and muscle contractions. They also help us to feel more vital and energetic.

Currently most of the population suffers from lack of minerals such as magnesium and potassium, because of the over-exploitation of the soil where there is mass cultivation.

For proper remineralization it is recommended to eat plenty of vegetables, fruits with low fructose, seeds and nuts and eat the majority of them, raw. In addition we recommend supplementing the diet with href = "" target = "_ blank"> Salts PHOUR, natural mineral complex containing the right proportion of the 4 main biochemical minerals: sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. (To learn more about the remineralization pillar,ref = "https//" target = "_ blank">here )


For energy and vitality it is crucial to be clean of toxins. Just as we know we should clean the filters of our car to last and work effectively, so we must proceed with our body.

We can purify our body through various methods: with green juices, alkaline water, liquid chlorophyll, the green superfoods ...

In particular, we underscore the importance of cleaning the colon, because over the years remains of faeces build up on its walls and they rot and poison us affecting the optimum absorption of nutrients. To debug the colon we recommend colon hydrotherapy, enemas, herbal teas and / oref = "" target = "_ blank">pHlush which it is a nutritional supplement based on minerals and plants that acts as a mild laxative and exfoliates the cumulative toxicity of the colon walls, as it takes care of our intestinal flora. (To learn more about the Detoxification pillar,href = "" target = "_ blank">here )

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