In order to balance the pH of your body and thus promote a healthy state, it is necessary to follow every day the implementation of each of the 4 Pillars of Alkalinity. These are: hydration, nutrition, detoxification and remineralisation. Each of them hold a fundamental pillar of human health and by applying them as part of our lifestyle, will allow us to experience its benefits in our daily lives.

It is important to point out that in case of any disease, it is necessary to consult a qualified healthcare professional, and this information is not a substitute for your doctor's medical advice.

The body uses its mineral resources, such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, to keep its alkaline design in balance. The acidity generated by metabolism and style of acidifying life, including diet, consume our alkaline reserves, which we must restore to preserve the optimal functioning of the body.

Your body needs minerals
  1. Minerals favor the electrical conductivity, nerve impulses and contraction of muscle fibers.
  2. Minerals "sodium-potassium pump" generate intracellular electric potential and allow information and nutrients penetrate into the cells.
  3. The salt known as "table salt" dehydrates and acidify and therefore can cause hypertension (sodium chloride 99%).
  4. The complete sea salt, Himalayan salt, seawater and biochemical salts do not favor hypertension.
  5. When you do not have enough alkalizing minerals (which act as a buffer), the kidneys become overloaded. Suitable minerals help relieve acid renal overload.

Hypertension & mineral salts

Acidosis (too much acid in the body) and dehydration, favor hypertension. This is one of the body's many ways of showing this problem.

Mineral salts as PHOUR or PuripHy Salts are not processed table salt consisting of 99% sodium chloride. Table salt is toxic and acidifying and therefore can indirectly raise blood pressure.

It is advisable to be properly hydrated and drink at least 1 liter of water per 30kg weight in healthy people. And if the 4 essential biochemical salts are taken it is advised to take 1 scoop per liter of water and preferably away from meals.



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