In order to balance the pH of your body and thus promote a healthy state, it is necessary to follow every day the implementation of each of the 4 Pillars of Alkalinity. These are: hydration, nutrition, detoxification and remineralisation. Each of them hold a fundamental pillar of human health and by applying them as part of our lifestyle, will allow us to experience its benefits in our daily lives.

It is important to point out that in case of any disease, it is necessary to consult a qualified healthcare professional, and this information is not a substitute for your doctor's medical advice.

To understand the Pillar of DETOX or Detoxification it is relevant to know on the one hand, that in order to function properly the body must be slightly alkaline and it needs alkaline fuel and it will get it from the food, water and from oxygen when we breathe. On the other hand, at the same time, all the body's cells are constantly removing large amounts of toxic waste or acid metabolites that must be expelled via urine, feces, breath and sweat (the four main routes of elimination of toxic acids).

So far everything is perfectly normal and as many have pointed out, one should not worry about it because the body would regulate itself naturally. In one sense this is correct. But the problem is that today, as a result of our stressed and unnatural lifestyle, with processed foods, poorly balanced, acidified and full of additives, besides little exercise and poor contact with nature, tilts the balance in favour of the acid side with all that entails. An overly acidic terrain with little oxygen can lead to suffer from any illness, disease and/or discomfort both physical and emotional.

It is therefore important to properly detoxify the organism of the wastes that are build up. One of the main disposal routes of acids is the colon, and happens very often that accumulation can generate health disorders.

Colon cleansing

The colon has the capacity to retain between 8kg. 10 kg. of wastes when man reaches the age of 60 years. Toxins accumulated over the years, are produced by poorly digested food debris, traces of drugs, gases, stagnant fecal debris, parasites and mucus in the intestine, and turn this organ into the responsible of many ailments and symptoms of discomfort, generally common symptoms such as headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue, mental dispersion, constipation, diarrhea, skin problems, lumbar and abdominal pain, heavy legs, etc ...

pHlush is an excellent natural cleanser for your digestive system organs, improving its vitality and performance.

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    Cleans your digestive system organs, while alkalizes and improves its vitality and functioning. pHlush helps you strengthen and balance your intestinal system. Each box contains 15 sachets. The pHlush from Alkaline Care has the following quality seals: var...

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    Enjoy the benefits of alkaline water wherever you are with just a few drops of PuripHy without altering its taste. You can also alkalize other beverages such as coffee and tea. 60 ml Available in 30 ml var...

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