The importance of the 4 Pillars of Alkalinity

The 4 pillars relate to: Hydration, Nutrition, Detoxification and remineralization. When properly apply its principles help us maintain the alkaline design of the body and enjoy its benefits at the level of general welfare. That is why we can embrace our products under these pillars to help our customers and interested persons to carry out alkaline life style.

These are the essential aspects to consider each pillar. To get an extended version, we recommend descargaros free Application Guide of the 4 Pillars of Alkalinity.

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    A unique combination of vegetable oils 100%, with the exclussive seed Sacha Inchi, rich in essential omegas 3-6-9. Omega Gold helps you to take care of your heart.

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    The pHydro Jar is the best water treatment jug on the market with a 9-stage filter and a duration of up to 1,100 liters.

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