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    Learn to balance your life and your diet with the incredible health benefits of this revolutionary diet book THE MIRACLE DIET PH.

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    Victoria Boutenko, a pioneer in formulating and disseminating the properties of green smoothies, invites us to accompany her through her personal experience to the discovery of the power of this drink that is much more than a fad.

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    In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Robert Young, a renowned microbiologist and nutritionist, and Shelley Redford Young, dietician kitchen, offer a simple treatment in seven steps, designed to balance your body chemistry and help you lose weight to achieve your ideal weight .

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    in The Green Revolution Smoothie , Victoria Boutenko clears the frequently asked questions raised by the students of their numerous courses on nutrition. It also includes two hundred recipes for green smoothies that because they require very little preparation time, this tasty and nutritious drink becomes the easiest way to reintroduce into our diet...

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    This book includes a highly effective program that includes all the information and tools you need to improve your health, your welfare, your diet and your beauty practices, which are the cornerstones of a lifestyle completely new and splendid

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